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Our services, focused on increasing the efficiency of generation of energy coming from photovoltaic panels, make sure that you obtain the most from your investment in renewable energy.


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In Romania, we are one of the main providers of services of cleaning photovoltaic panels. Further, we were the first in this country to offer robotized maintenance services, and we are licensed suppliers of panel treatments and accessories.

Our purpose is to increase the efficiency of generation of energy by our clients’ photovoltaic panels, by using certified state-of-the-art equipment.

Regular cleaning of photovoltaic panels can increase their efficiency by 15-70%.

7 reasons for which SIMACEK SolaRO turns each sun ray into tangible profits

Top technology for higher performance:

Highly performing and advanced cleaning technologies not only extend the lifecycle of photovoltaic panels, but also increase their capacity for energy generation, which translates into higher revenues.

Sustainability and savings:

The ecological approach used by the company SIMACEK SolaRO contributes not only to environmental protection, but also to reducing operating expenses, key aspects for increasing profitability for investors in the photovoltaic energy sector.

Profitability via cleaning and maintenance:

Can be increased by maintenance and constant cleaning of photovoltaic panels, a fact that ensures maximum energy production and minimizes losses.

Customized options for increased efficiency:

A diversity of customized services, including cleaning by robots and specialized treatments, are available in order to meet the specific requirements of each system.

Energy saving and lower costs:

All the services and products we provide are designed so that to increase energy saving and to reduce costs, key aspects for helping each client to optimize their revenues.

A reliable partner in obtaining additional revenues:

Our holistic approach and innovative solutions guarantee that each photovoltaic installation operates at its best, thus converting each hour of sunshine into actual benefits for its owners.

Investment in expertise and in quality assurance:

Opting for SIMACEK SolaRO is a choice involving commitment to expertise development and quality assurance, two aspects of paramount importance, which contribute to reaching the main objective – increasing the profits obtained from the clients’ photovoltaic installations.

Our expertise

SIMACEK Romania, having over 80 years of experience in facility management, acquired the experience required for becoming a strong player on the Romanian market. What commends us is our professional team, the use of state-of-the-art equipment and the quality of our services delivered domestically.

SIMACEK SolaRO, having the know-how and experience in the O&M segment of photovoltaic industry, offers you both dedicated products and specialized services for the maximization of electricity production through renewable photovoltaic sources.

Our mission at SIMACEK SolarRO is to support photovoltaic installation owners facing difficulties upon the production of renewable energy, caused by contamination and dirt on photovoltaic panels. We offer you both professional services and specialized products in order to ensure the optimal functionality of panels.

starting from 10 mWp

starting from 100 kWp


In order to offer impeccable results, we use:

For a safer and better cleaning.

Mild, but efficient, preventing any scratches or damages.

In order to remove the most difficult impurities, without damaging your photovoltaic panels.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Photovoltaic panel manufacturers recommend at least one annual wash, should your installation be situated in an unpolluted area.

    The atmosphere contains dust particles, exhaust, bird excrement, plant sap, which are only a few of the elements that can contribute to the accumulation of dirt on the photovoltaic panels, which rain is not able to remove.

    The answer is no; all our washing equipment is specially designed for photovoltaic industry and are tested not to damage in any way photovoltaic panels, being certified to this effect.

    Photovoltaic panels get dirty over time, a fact that results in loss of production. Such a reduction in production translates directly into loss of profits and a lower return on your investment.

    Specialist companies have vast experience in providing washing services at high standards and, especially, care about and understand security and prevention issues as to hazards.

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